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Kinetico Mini Kinetic Water Softener

Kinetico Mini Kinetic Water Softener


The Mini Kinetic has many of the features of Kinetico's patented twin tank demand initiated operation, with efficient water and salt usage along with the versatility of separate brine tank and resin vessels for easier installation. 3-year no quibble guarantee.

Designed so that it can be easily altered to suit varying water hardness levels around the United Kingdom, the Mini Kinetic offers the user complete peace of mind that once installed, apart from replacing the tablet salt there is nothing else that needs to be done. There are no clocks or timers to set, the Mini Kinetic will not regenerate until it needs to and will do it automatically.

Unit comes ready for DIY installation full instructions.

Salt Used - Tablet Salt

Dimensions - Brine Tank Height 500mm Width 400mm Depth 200mm

Dimensions - Vessels Height 500mm Width 330mm Depth 150mm

The unit comes ready for DIY installation with full instructions

Order your DIY Installation kit as a separate item under Water Softener Sundries

Unit comes in two models HE or HF - Please specify under comments on order page

HE - for standard tank fed water systems

HF - for hi flow rate systems such as combi boilers and unvented systems