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A full range of softeners including single tank and twin tank units

Ranging from large households that require lots of water, to Launderettes, small hotels, restaurants and hospitals. We have installed these units in all these situations often making the units specifically to suit each requirement.

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Single Tank Water Softeners

Single tank softeners are best suited to situations where moderate total water consumption and consistent demand are factors. The regeneration of single tank softeners is controlled either by metered or a timer control valve. The softeners regenerate at a convenient period of low water usage normally during the night. Single tank water softeners need to be sized to give at least one full day's softened output before regeneration.

Twin Tank Water Softeners

Twin tank softeners use two resin columns linked with a Fleck multi-port valve and are designed to give a continuous supply of softened water. Whilst one column is supplying softened water, the second is either regenerating or is in standby. The water flow in the system is metered so that when one column is exhausted, the standby column switches to supply the soft water, allowing the exhausted column to be regenerate and go to standby mode.

Twin tank softeners can be regenerated every four hours if required but are normally sized to give one regeneration per column per day. Because twin tank systems can regenerate up to six times a day, this enables a smaller system to be employed than would be required in a single tank softener.

Commercial Water Softener systems can be tailored to meet your requirements, contact us for further information or to arrange a free of charge no-obligation site survey, and we can recommend the best unit for your requirements.

Have a browse at our ranges below or to find out more please contact us with your enquiry.

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