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The Water Softener for the 21st Century!

Dimensions Height - 530mm Width - 430mm Depth - 270mm Trouble free installation We offer a full installation and after sales service in our service area, as well as advice for the DIY enthusiast.

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Compact and efficient styling

The H2 Options water softener has been carefully designed in the UK to combine high capacity performance in a sleek and compact shape. It will fit into most kitchen cabinets, under work tops and even under sinks - without sacrificing ease of access for salt filling.

Environmentally Friendly

A water softener is very environmentally friendly, allowing you to drastically reduce the soaps and detergents you use, as well as reducing your heating costs. The revolutionary Smart Technology ensures that water usage for regeneration is kept to a minimum. An H2 Options water softener not only protects the environment its kind to your pocket as well!

Proven reliability

The H2 Options softeners are entirely designed and made in Great Britain. They are the end result of an extraordinary investment and years of research and development and are built with state of the art materials using the latest engineering and assembly techniques. The result is a superior product giving long life and trouble free operation - a softener you can purchase with absolute confidence as it is offered complete with our exclusive 3-year no quibble guarantee.

Two Options to choose from

The H2 Options water softener lives up to its name in many ways. Most importantly, it gives you the choice of the appropriate system for your household, either Smart Controll or non-electric twin cylinder.

Meter Control
The more sophisticated mechanical meter controlled version also has a history of reliability. It uses a built-in meter and microcontroller to accurately monitor the amount of water flowing through the softener. This gives it the ability to learn your water consumption habits thereby regenerating only when necessary and not at fixed intervals. This means that if you have guests staying and hence use more water than usual it will automatically regenerate more frequently. Equally, if you are away it will not regenerate unnecessarily. What's more, meter control means that you are not wasting water and your salt consumption will be less, further reducing running costs.

Dimensions: Height - 530mm Width - 430mm Depth - 270mm

Non Electric Twin Cylinder H 2 Options GEMINI

The latest development in the water softening industry. This new concept offers many advantages over conventional softeners.

The H 2 Options GEMINI has been manufactured in England for English homes and plumbing, its twin cylinder design uses a displacement meter which allows it to monitor your water usage with pinpoint accuracy - meaning it only cleans itself as and when it needs to with the least amount of water possible making it the most efficient water softener on the market. By utilising two cylinders it can give you 24 hour a day soft water without the need for electricity and for peace of mind it comes with a 10 year comprehensive parts guarantee (units supplied within our service area only)

The Option of tablet or block salt

H2 Options gives you the OPTION. Block salt, tablet salt or even granules. The specially designed salt block holder takes three blocks and is easily refillable by any member of the family. If you prefer to use the more economic tablets or granular salt, just remove the salt block holder and top up accordingly.

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H2Options Gemini
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