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Showering in soft water can help to alleviate eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions

We are the oldest authorised Kinetico dealer in the UK (since 1980), selling various types of Kinetico water softeners.

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Kinetico uses the kinetic energy of moving water to power its systems instead of electricity – Kinetico combines maximum performance and efficiency in a compact design - the ultimate soft water experience.

Twin Tank Design

The twin tank design is the only system to backwash without ever going offline (i.e. cannot supply soft water) which means a continuous and un-interrupted supply of soft water.

Metered Regeneration

Meters water use to accurately determine when it's time to regenerate with watch-like precision, resulting in less waste and greater savings. So when you go on holiday so does your water softener.

Soft Water Rinse

Uses only soft, conditioned water to clean itself, which prolongs the life of the water softener. In fact, our longest serving unit is currently 27 years old!

Countercurrent Regeneration

Sounds a mouthful, but unlike most other softeners, our systems regenerate from the bottom up for more even and efficient use of the resin bead. Resulting in less waste, less salt and a longer lasting system.

The Kinetico system utilises two cylinders and a water powered meter control system that measures water usage. As the first cylinder nears exhaustion, the meter initiates regeneration which transfers service to the second cylinder. When the second cylinder needs regenerating the meter transfers service back to the first cylinder and so on. The whole process is done without the use of electricity. The Mini Kinetic and Premier Extra versions use the Tablet Salt and are best suited to larger households, and the Kinetico Premier Compactunits use the 4Kg Block Salt.

The premier Compact is the new next generation water softener that is 7% more efficient during regeneration, has E-max and Quiet Drive Technology and a new innovative salt viewing window.

Have a browse at our ranges below or to find out more please contact us with your enquiry.

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